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Green Jelly

8 Blöcke muss man natürlich nicht alle nutzen. Hier in der Ansicht werden nur 4 unterstützt, deswegen sieht der Platz neben Block 4 etwas leer aus.

Blocks: 9 (, Main Content, Homepage-Eyecatcher, Right Column, 1st Small Teaser, 2nd Small Teaser, 3rd Small Teaser, 4th Small Teaser, 1st Half Teaser , 2nd Half Teaser)
Menus: 2 (, Main navigation, Not in navigation)
Login: no
Search: yes
Valid: yes

Licence: CC-BY 4.0. To avoid any copyright trouble, I've removed all not-used images and replaced the slider demo pics by some flower images I shot some time ago which are licensed under WTFPL.
Author:, Florian Meerwinck
Description: Original HTML/CSS Template by You can use up to 9 content blocks (but don't have to!)so you can build 4 small teaser blocks, 2 half-width blocks and of course a maint content block with a small right column. Refer to the CSS file or the HTML template demo at to see what's possible. Use the class "button" for these shiny button links. Max. 2 levels!

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